"Team Nightspeed was founded in 2013 - an association of friends who share and disseminate their car addiction. As a role model we took known Japanese car clubs from the 90s. They wanted not only spread the far eastern car culture, also take advantage of the merger, to assist in the mutual vehicle projects. Since then, the team enjoys a growing international fan base. From the passion that long passes Japanese cars of different brands and their species-appropriate use and modifications, the idea to import exotic cars from the far east to Europe arose. This is accomplished from 2015 under the name "Nightspeed Racing Service". As the name already announced, to the company, just like Nightspeed itself, stands for something special and offers its customers a wide range of services and offerings. From high-quality imported vehicles - for all budgets, whether modified or stock over necessary spare and tuning parts to Japanese car accessories and consumer products. No wish is unfulfilled. Good and long-standing contacts in Japan guarantee of quality and a wide range of products. Regular trips to Japan enable seeking out specifically approved vehicles and the realization of special requests of any kind. Feel free to contact us. We look forward to seeing you!"